Heat treating related items we can help you with...

Atmosphere furnace installation

Process & Procedure

  • Process development and process improvement for heat treating activities
  • Quality procedure development for heat treating activities
  • Development of heat treat processes to optimize test results
  • Audit preparation for heat treat related operations

Professional Training

  • Furnace operators
  • Hardness testing and lab technicians
  • Furnace maintenance technicians
  • Furnace scheduling and maintenance
  • Understanding the basics of steel

Technical Services

  • Evaluation of MTRs (Material Test Reports) and Lab Reports
  • Specification writing, review and compliance determination
  • Evaluation of surplus equipment for purchase

Equipment Related

  • Design, testing, modification & operation of heat treating furnaces, quenching systems and heat treat support equipment such as load racks, load fixtures hardness testing equipment and shop tooling
  • Design of heat treating facilities
  • Local stress relief and preheat
  • Specialized 'In-situ' heating and cooling design design and operation

We can help companies that need:

Material Selection & Material Test Report (MTR) Evaluation

Material Test Report (MTR)

We review the MTR & specifications to determine whether the material available to you meets the requirements. If the material doesn’t meet the requirements, we can recommend processes to qualify the material, or help with selection of other suitable material. We provide training to your team so they have the knowledge needed next time

Third Party Witnessing & Process Validation

Heat Treat Furnace Chart

 We perform third party witnessing of heat treating activities to verify compliance with your specification requirements. We review documentation of heat treat processes previously performed to verify compliance to requirements. 

Heat Treat Specification & Procedure Writing

Compiling/evaluating requirements of specifications

We write heat treating specifications for your company, providing you a vehicle to regulate the quality and consistency of the material you purchase.  We also write material specifications. These increase the quality of your product and can reduce potential liability.

Improve Product Performance & Avoid Field Failures.

When your product just can't fail

Material Recommendation: We recommend materials that may improve performance of your product. 

Process Recommendation: We recommend heat treating processes that will optimize the materials being used.

Practical Training That Lasts Beyond the Course Evaluation

Training results in successful execution

Our training provides your team a balance of technical and practical information. We believe that building both the understanding of why a task is important and how to execute the task practically gives the individual the tools needed to perform at a higher level, while increasing the sense of pride in accomplishing the task with superior craftsmanship.

Avoid Cracking or Strength Failures During Heat Treatment.

Part configuration modified to optimize the process and minimize scrap

Part Configuration at Heat Treatment: We recommend improved part configurations for heat treatment, allowing parts to be heat treated to optimal properties while minimizing cracking and distortion.

Process Review: We evaluate material selection and heat treat processes so as to help you achieve optimal results while minimizing costly rework.

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